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Продолжительность. Место рождения. Флинт, Мичиган, США. START TOR BROWSER КАК ПОЛЬЗОВАТЬСЯ концентрата выходит 1000 л.

концентрата выходит 1000 л.

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концентрата выходит 1000 л.

Это принесло ему мировой фуррор. Да и как могло быть по другому, ежели Терри с ранешнего юношества увлекался театральным искусством. Детство и любовь к сцене. Терренс Крюс возник на свет жарким в летнюю пору года. Вышло это счастливое событие в США, в штате Мичиган. Детские годы будущий спортсмен и профессиональный актер провел в маленьком южноамериканском городе Флинт.

Отец Терри мучился от пристрастия к алкоголю, тем не наименее сумел отдать отпрыску достойное образование. С ранешних лет Терри проявлял энтузиазм к театральному искусству. В году юноша закончил школу, получив художественную стипендию.

Чтоб не упустить шанс стать актером, Крюс продолжил учебу в Центре Искусств Интерлошен. А дальше целеустремленный парень поступил в Институт Западного Мичигана. Спортивные заслуги. Будучи студентом «Интерлошен Центр фор Артс», Терри серьезно увлекся спортом.

Больше всего рослого парня рост Крюса — см интересовал южноамериканский футбол — может быть, поэтому, что этот вид спорта давался ему легче всего. Став игроком футбольной команды WMU, Терренс показал себя как смелый и упорный спортсмен. Поближе к окончанию учебы в Институте Крюс получил приглашение от Государственной Футбольной Лиги и стал выступать на футбольном поле в составе команды «Сан-Диего Чарджерс».

Терри принял роль в наиболее чем 30 больших играх, до этого чем отказался от спортивной карьеры в пользу кино и телевидения. В 30 лет Терренс переехал в Лос-Анджелес с жесткой целью достигнуть славы на актерском поприще. Первой попыткой прикоснуться к миру кино стала работа сопродюсера. Но кинофильм, который продюсировал Терри, провалился в прокате. 1-ая неудача не остудила пыл напористого красавчика, и он стал активно принимать роль в веселительных телевизионных шоу.

Далее — больше. Мужественного спортсмена стали приглашать в кино — пока лишь на эпизодические роли. Терри не отрешался от приглашений, понимая, что конкретно это может стать стартом к всенародной славе. В году Крюс принял роль в съемках комедийного кинофильма «Белые цыпочки». Опосля выхода картины на огромные экраны количество фанатов мускулистого актера приметно возросло.

He had a long-standing ambition to work in the film industry, but up until then had no plans to pursue acting, and simply wanting to be involved in some way. A year earlier, he co-wrote and co-produced the independent feature film Young Boys Incorporated. A self-funded production filmed in Detroit with an anti-drug message, the film drew on his own observations, as well as those of his friends and family.

Despite describing it as a "horrible" film, he credits the experience with getting him interested in the film industry. In , Crews auditioned for a role as a character athlete known as Warriors in the syndicated game show Battle Dome , which became his first acting part. He played T-Money for two seasons until its cancellation in The audition process and the opportunity to perform in front of an audience made him realize that he wanted to pursue acting as a career.

However, he failed to land another acting job for the following two years. Appearances in commercials, such as Old Spice , films, and music videos soon followed. He now believes acting is what he was born to do and would not wish to have any other career, despite the physically demanding nature of the work. Based on his performance in White Chicks , Adam Sandler changed a role in The Longest Yard to give it to Crews, who auditioned for another role in the film.

Crews has appeared mainly in comedic roles, such as President Camacho in Idiocracy , but he later found success in action roles beginning with his part as Hale Caesar in The Expendables series , which saw him make his first appearance in a film sequel. Although he has managed to sustain an athletic physique in his career as an actor, Crews has avoided being type-cast as a muscle-bound action hero and has attained critical success through exploiting the contrast of his elaborate character comedy with his physique, which extends to the point of even mocking the stereotype of the gym-obsessed bodybuilder.

This contrast has also led to sustained work as part of various humorous Old Spice TV commercials. He has lent his voice to animations such as American Dad! He found that he enjoyed the work and sought out more of it, finding satisfaction in how it carries his spirit into the animation.

It ran for two seasons. From to , he hosted the syndicated game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Crews cites the many similarities between acting and professional football, including the structure and expectations, as helping his transition between the two careers. He credits Reginald Hubbard with mentoring him in his early career in the film business. In June , he was cast in the science fiction comedy film Sorry to Bother You.

He received an art scholarship from college before an athletic scholarship. During his football career, Crews supplemented his income by creating portraits of fellow players. His work included a series of NFL-licensed lithographs. Crews is a devout Christian. Since then he has taken an active role in speaking out about the condition and its impact, including posting on Facebook in his Dirty Little Secret Series.

Haanel : "I have read hundreds of personal development books, but this is the one that clearly showed me how to visualize, contemplate, and focus on what I truly wanted. It revealed to me that we only get what we desire most, and to apply myself with a laserlike focus upon a goal, task or project. On October 10, , in the wake of numerous Hollywood actresses going public with their stories of sexual harassment and assault by film producer Harvey Weinstein , Crews revealed that a male Hollywood executive groped him at a party in , but he did not report the incident for fear of retaliation.

For his part in coming forward with the sexual assault allegations, Crews was named as one of the " Silence Breakers " from the Time Person of the Year award in Venit was demoted and returned to work after a one-month suspension. In response, Crews stated, "Someone got a pass". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor and former football player. Flint, Michigan , U. Actor television host football player.

Rebecca King. Main article: Terry Crews filmography. April 25, Retrieved November 23, GQ YouTube. January 9, Event occurs at Archived from the original on October 30, Retrieved February 7, May 16, Huffington Post. Retrieved June 3, National Football League. Retrieved January 31, May 17, Corden, James September 23, Retrieved August 21, USA Today. Retrieved December 21, Milwaukee Record.

Retrieved July 9, Sports Illustrated — via si. September 4,

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